Podcast Ubuntu y otras hierbas S02E05: Creative Commons & Ubuntu en servidores

En esta ocasión, Francisco MolineroFrancisco Javier Teruelo y Marcos Costalescharlamos sobre los siguientes temas:

  • ¿Qué es Creative Common y por qué deberíamos de usarlo?
  • Ubuntu en servidores.

Capítulo 5º de la segunda temporada

El podcast esta disponible para escuchar en:

Ubucon Europe 2018: Last call for papers & current status event

You're on time for submit a conference, workshop, stand or podcast for the next Ubucon!!

Main room. With no edits ;) Just checking things in situ for April

We're working hard for the next Ubucon Europe 2018 and we would like to tell you the current status:

  • Official webpage updated. 
  • You have especial discounts for your travel in bus, train and hotel. More info here.
  • The conferences will be for free. 
  • Social event of Saturday: It will be a traditional espicha. If you are coming, you need to pay that dinner in advance as soon as possible, because there are limited places! More info here.
  • You can follow the last news here: Telegram, Twitter, Google + & Facebook.
  • We'll publish the complete schedule soon.

Best crytocurrencies to invest in this next 2018 (IMHO)

Let's play! Remember just to put a money which you will not need and you'll not take care about it.

In which 'expensive' crytocurrencies I would invest?

This is the clear bet. This coin is growing and growing and it will be probably like Bitcoin.

This is a special coin, it's used in special markets because you can not track those transactions. It's famous because of that, but it didn't stop of growing and developers are creating things like web mining. Then, it's a good bet from my point of view.

Another coin which will grow. Same told for Ethereum will apply here.

In which 'cheap' crytocurrencies I would invest?

The important point is: Do you want to win money? Or do you want to be rich?
Then, if you want to win money, invest in Ethereum, Litecoin & Monero, honestly.
If you want to be risk and win a lot, I would invest in one of these:

It has a good roadmap in mind and it's focused in the blockchain. It's cheap and one of the bigger in the market cap.

It's a token growing in the top ten. Probably it could be the next Ripple.

All people is talking about it now. But it has an important issue, it hasn't so much servers for the transactions (it doesn't use miners), then, for the future, it could be a real issue.

Like IOTA but so much newer and because of that, so much cheaper than IOTA. Then you can get so much tokens for same price.

About all these, IOTA & Streamr could have more future. Why? Because they are focused on the IoT and they could be the next revolution. Imagine, you are going in a car and the car itself will pay the toll with these currencies. Or you need milk in your smart fridge and the fridge itself will pay a delivery to Amazon.

In which crytocurrencies I would not invest at ling time and why?

It has issues about currently number of transactions. Anyway, it's the coin by excellence.
I would not recommend it, because it's so so expensive.

Ripple was created by a few 'real' banks. Probably in the future, other banks will create other coins and nobody will use all of them. It's growing, but invest on it for a short time.

How to  buy?

It's not so easy to buy crytocurrencies in your 1st try. An easy way could be:
  • Buy Ethereum (it has cheaper fees) with your credit card in CoinBase.
  • Send your Ethereums to your gate.io wallet (or another exchange, gate.io has low fees but big minimum money for a transfer 0,1 ETH).
  • Buy in gate.io other coin with your Ethereums.
  • Recommendation: Send your gate.io new coins to an offline wallet.

Podcast Ubuntu y otras hierbas S02E03: Distros derivadas, entrevista uNav, Linux on Galaxy

En esta ocasión, Francisco MolineroFrancisco Javier TerueloFernando Lanero  y Marcos Costalescharlamos sobre los siguientes temas:

  • Distros derivadas. ¿Sí o no?
  • Entrevista al desarrollador de uNav
  • Linux on Galaxy

Ubuntu y otras hierbas S02E03

Y atención a la noticia que damos al final del programa ;) Sigue la Ubucon en TelegramGoogle+ o Twitter.

El podcast esta disponible para escuchar en:

3rd Ubucon Europe 2018

Yes! A new edition for ubunteros around the world! :))

Ubucons around the world

Is Ubucon made for me?

This event is just for you! ;) You don't need to be a developer, because you'll enjoy a lot of talks about everything you can to imagine about Ubuntu and share great moments with other users.
Even the language won't be a problem. there, you'll meet people from everywhere and surely someone will speak in your language :)

You can read different posts about the previous Ubucon in Paris here:
English: https://insights.ubuntu.com/2017/09/25/ubucon-europe-2017/
Portuguese: https://carrondo.net/wp/2017/09/19/ubucon-europa-2017-paris/
Spanish: http://thinkonbytes.blogspot.pt/2017/09/2-ubucon-europea.html
Another in Spanish: https://www.innerzaurus.com/ubuntu-touch/articulos-touch/cronicas-la-ubucon-paris-2017/


Gijón/Xixón, Asturies, Spain
Antiguo Instituto, just in the city center, built in 1797:
Antiguo Instituto


27th, 28th and 29th of April 2018.

Organized by

  • Francisco Javier Teruelo de Luis 
  • Francisco Molinero 
  • Sergi Quiles Pérez 
  • Antonio Fernandes 
  • Paul Hodgetts 
  • Santiago Moreira 
  • Joan CiberSheep 
  • Fernando Lanero 
  • Manu Cogolludo 
  • Marcos Costales

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