They're just feelings, but they're important

In the past, I recommended the best Linux distribution to my family and friends.
Now I have a feeling that I recommend the best online store :(


  1. Indeed. For the time being, we can stick to 12.04, I guess. Or recommend Edubuntu, which conflicts with the unity-lens-shopping package, hance does not include all these privacy leaks.

  2. Fair enough. While at least Firefox has been doing the same thing for a while, it seems Ubuntu can't get away with it on the same level, selecting a search provider in the Dash makes no sense...

  3. Yeah, the fact Amazon search results show up in the Dash really ruins the whole operating system, doesn't it?

  4. So do your friends and family appreciate the recommendation just as much now they have an awesome online store? I can see where you are coming from, but in reality I am finding it a lot nicer and faster than Amazon itself, and if all online shopping was like that (i.e. there was some competition and choice) then it would be really useful - I would really appreciate being recommended the best online store.

  5. 1.: Apple became successful partly because it is easy for the user to buy what the user wants to buy. Yesterday I wanted to buy a ticket online for a particular show and it was so annoying complicated, that finally I did not buy it. I think there is nothing wrong with making it easy to buy something for someone who wants to buy it.

    2. It is very exxaggerated, to - just because of the shopping lense or for some content in the software center - say, that Ubuntu is a big online store.
    Most "normal" users I know have google their start page and do even enter valid urls to the search box instead of using the address box. Thknking this further, they might enter - whatever they want - into the dash and expect, the computer should know what they want (normal behavior even of power users that they have in mind what they want instead of what they are actually telling the computer). So the basic idea is may e not so wrong.

    They should maybe just use your browsers search provider instead.