Migrating home server from Raspberry PI to CubieBoard with Ubuntu

I have 2 Raspberry PI, they are great, but I missed Ubuntu on them. Now I get a CubieBoard.

CubieBoard CONS:
  • Price (Cubie ~49$ vs Raspberry ~25$)
  • Less community/hacking
CubieBoard PROS:
  • Faster CPU (300Mhz more)
  • Double RAM (1GB DDR3)
  • Integrated port for a SATA hard disk (With a SATA disk use charger like Nexus 7. Without SATA disk, you can power it with a normal miniUSB by example from your router. +info)
  • 4GB NAND Flash! You can install your Ubuntu here.
  • Similar size motherboard
But the great diference for me is this:

Ubuntu Server on CubieBoard
I installed Ubuntu Server 13.04 a few weeks ago and I upgraded to 13.10 yesterday. I'm really happy with my new home server with Ubuntu Linaro powered by CubieBoard :)


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