How can I send a bug for Ubuntu 14.04?

#!/usr/bin/env python

from datetime import date

def todo(what):

while True: # Yes, infinite feeling
    todo('Don\'t search in LP. Search in Google by Ubuntu Trusty bugs and not by Ubuntu 14.04 bugs')
    todo('Just click in Report a bug')
    todo('Read an awesome page over 4.000 words about how to fill bugs')
    if == date(2014, 04, 17): # It was not really infinite :)
Do something else!')

I'm sorry, but it is frustrating not being able to help by an infinite loop :)


  1. To avoid the redirect:


    ubuntu-bug package

    Otherwise if one joins bug squad or some such team, redirect is also deactivated.

  2. Thanks Dmitrijs for your comment, but I don't see how "ubuntu-bug" (ubuntu-bugcontrol-tools) is the same as Ubuntu Trusty bugs. Best regards :)

  3. ubuntu-bug is the best way to file bugs. If you just run that command, it allows you to choose from various options what the issue you're getting might relate to. Otherwise, you can specify the name of a package as you run ubuntu-bug (like Dmitrijs pointed out).

    The reason we say it's best, and why there's a redirect on the Report a Bug link, is that this makes sure there is more information on the bug which developers are likely to ask for anyway. So in this case, already having this included in the bug report hopefully avoids you getting asked to give more information, and tends to make the time from bug reporting to bug being fixed shorter.

  4. Oh! I understand now, ubuntu-bug is an app, not a LP package! Thanks Mathieu and Dmitrijs.
    One question more please, is there any way to include a submitted bug into the Trusty bugs?
    Thanks in advance!