Choosing as my new file syncing software

Well, I chose Copy as my new cloud service.
Why? I'd prefer Dropbox but they are giving just 2GB. is giving 15GB + 5GB if you install the software. The web is great & the Linux client is useful too (with a quick synchronization, not like Ubuntu One):



Proxy or bandwidth settings

But I miss an Ubuntu installer, but it's easy:
  • Download this file.
  • Extract it.
  • Install libraries for icon systray: sudo apt-get install libappindicator1 libcanberra-gtk-module ; mkdir ~/.icons
  • If your Ubuntu is an Ubuntu 64bits: Move the folder copy/x86_64 to your Home Folder.
  • If your Ubuntu is an Ubuntu 32bits: Move the folder copy/x86 to your Home Folder.
  • Rename it as .copy_client
  • Access to that folder (Maybe you need to show hidden files).
  • Click on CopyAgent file.


  1. I think the instructions are reversed for 32- and 64-bit.

  2. Thanks Dan! ;) I updated the post.

  3. I'd love to hear a little about your decision, impressions, and experiences at discourse.

  4. Dennis: I was user of Ubuntu One from the first version. From this point of view, for me Copy:
    - Really fast files sync.
    - Good integration of the client with the desktop.
    - Big data plan (15+5GB at start).

    - No Ubuntu .deb installer (but it has native client)
    - No syncronization as u1 with things like the apps in the Ubuntu Software Center.
    - No "Photos" feature as u1 in their web.

    The other features are really similar.

  5. Does anybody know how to run the agent in the background?

  6. Wayne: When you run the last command:
    ./CopyAgent &
    The agent will appear.
    It has an option (checked by default) to run in the startup.

  7. What's your Ubuntu version?
    Is your tray icon healthy?

  8. @tcarrondo: Xubuntu 12.04.
    What is healthy for an icon? :P Yes, all appears right.

  9. I was hoping you've found a solution for 13.10/14.04...
    My LTS work fine too.

  10. Just an update, Copy now works perfectly in 14.04 with no extra steps needed to get the panel indicator working. Just download and install the newest version from