Apps for Human Beings (pyGTK with Glade)

I really believe in the Ubuntu Promise,

"Ubuntu is [...] accessible to all".

I think this is one of the awesome things in this OS and community. A few years ago, I received a bug in Gufw:

By example, I have 2 comboboxes:
"Deny" for "Incoming"

You can see if the "Deny" value is for "Incoming" or for "Outgoing".
But a visual impairment user will focus on "Deny" and ORCA will speech these options: "Allow, Deny, Reject":

"Allow, Deny, Reject" for... what?

... but... For what is that "Allow, Deny, Reject"? That is the question! We need to link the label with the widget! ;)
Link label to widget!

In Glade just link the label to its widget.

By example, you have 1 label for 1 button:
1 label for 1 button

Select the label and add an underline in its Label property (Alt+h will focus on that):

Add shortcuts

Set the underline (checking "User underline") & link the label to the widget (click on the pen and choose your desire widget, button_OS in this case):

Linking label with button

Take a look at the official documentation too :) Cheers!

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  1. Great!! This is one of the most forgotten subjects for the amateur developers (i would like to considering myself one more within this category :) ) and the main reason is probably, at least in my case, ignorance and because, frankly, I had not thought about it.
    With articles like this, we can see how easy it can be to make our apps available, thanks