PYLang: Practice Languages with Ubuntu

A few years ago, for the first Ubuntu App Showdown, I developed PYEnglish, an application for practice English.
Now, it's available PYLang, an upgrade from that application. You can practice English & Spanish in its first release.
How to play
Easy, just complete the right sentence with random words!
PYLang is a handy utility created with a different attitude in mind, forcing the user to write the correct sentence. The app provides per-detail-colored items to be utilized by the user with the main goal of combining them in a correct sentence.

Testing your English
Testing your Spanish

How to install
You can install into Ubuntu 14.04 or previous versions.

Just install from the Ubuntu Software Center in Trusty

PYLang web page.


  1. Awesome work, pal! Now I’d like to see a «Practice your Asturian» ;)

    1. Hi Adolfo! Thanks :)
      Really anyone can adapt it for any language, just create a file like these: