GPS Navigation for Ubuntu Phone is now available!

My new app is "GPS Navigation", a turn by turn GPS Navigator!

GPS Navigation
It looks like this :)

Let's go!

  • Powered by OpenStreetMap & OSRM! :)
  • Works for any country/city in the world.
  • Search by city or street, even by important places.
  • turn-by-turn indications with voice & icons. 
  • 100% libre.

Do you want more? :)
  • Set a destination in any moment, even without GPS signal. The navigation will start when the GPS gets a high signal!
  • If you lost the route, it will do an automatic recalculate :)
  • Time, distance to destination & speed indicators.
  • Units: Kilometers or miles.
  • Center the view into the car or explore the route.
  • Set your favourite zoom driving. If you change it, it will be persist.
  • Set your home with a click on the map.
  • Portrait or landscape view.

How to use? In the easiest way:
How to use

How to install?

You can install it in the Ubuntu Phone Store, just search "GPS Navigation":

The app into the Ubuntu Phone Store

Will it work in my mobile?
It works fine in the BQ Ubuntu Edition & Nexus 4. Feedback about Meizu is welcome.

GPS Navigation

  • Only works online (data mobile usage = ~2MB in ~10km).
  • Just for driving, don't expect it for walking/bicycle.

I want to thanks Robin, Mitchell Reese, Szymon Waliczek & David Planella specially their feedback & support.

Just have a nice trip with your Ubuntu Phone! Cheers! |o/


  1. By utilizing street database, unit will offer bearings to alternate areas from the beginning streets in its database. The dead retribution using separation information from the sensors connected to drive prepare, gyrator and accelerometer is utilized for the more noteworthy steadfastness, since GPS flag misfortune and multipath will happen as a result of urban gorge and passages.