Driving with my Ubuntu Phone [video]

uNAV is a turn-by-turn GPS navigation for Ubuntu Phone, 100% GPL powered by OpenStreetMap and OSRM.

I could show you a few screenshots and I could tell you how it is working...
Or I could show you to me driving a random route :)) Click for watch it and use fullscreen for the details:

Driving with Ubuntu Phone

Install uNAV into your phone from the Ubuntu Store (You have to update to OTA5!). 

I want to thank you:
David Planella, who helped me a lot with the development of this application |o/
Sergi Quiles Pérez, who helped me a lot with ideas, feedback and testing in this last version.
Carla Sella, Ilonka O., Morgane & Jonathan Wiedemann, Nathan Haines and Paco Molinero for the voices.
José Fernández Calero for this video.
And to all of you that you helped me in one way or another in these months :) Thanks!

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