How to repair a broken BQ E4.5 Ubuntu Phone touch screen

My BQ E4.5 phone drop from my bag and the touch screen crashed. It doesn't respond to touch the events even. Then, this is a opportunity for hacking time!

How did I fix it?

I bought this touch screen in Ebay and I followed this video for changing it.
Well... The original touch screen is integrated with glue to the LCD, then you'll break the LCD too, as I did :(

First try, fail!

But I tried again.

I bought this LCD + Touch screen in AliExpress (including a temperad glass as present), for 30,80€. It arrived really early ~18 days from China.

I followed the same video again: Be careful, about these points:
  • The battery (2:02) is not easy to remove, because it has glue. Don't be careful about the battery, you'll remove it.
  • The connector (4:01) is really weak and it's complicate to insert again, you can leave it connected.
  • A bit complicate to put again (4:09) this connector.
  • You will need glue for this new screen (I used superglue) and a small precition screwdriver will be OK.
And... the phone is alive!! :)) FYI The phone is working perfect, as with the original screen.

As resume, forget to repair just the touch screen by yourself. Change the LCD+touch screen is not complicate.


  1. Thank you for your information. I hope I never need it. :-)

  2. Hi, this linked screen (IPS5K0631FPC-A3-E), witch you bought is for Ubuntu edition or for Android?

    1. @Gellért: It's for Android, it has the buttons. But the Ubuntu Phone has those buttons too but hidden ;)
      The whole phone has not differences between Ubuntu - Android, just the hidden or showed buttons in the screen.