New uNav! Simple, easy, 100% libre and powered by OSM, Mapzen & Mapbox! Only for your Ubuntu Phone!

I have the pleasure to anounce this new release of uNav for Ubuntu Phone :))

uNav for your Ubuntu Phone! :)

New Mapzen engine: [car|bike|walk] modes + avoid tolls

I'm really impressed with the Mapzen turn-by-turn engine quality and support. With this migration, your routes will be precise and you'll have a good turn-by-turn drive.
And yes! You can follow routes by car, bike or walking :)) Even avoid tolls on car!

Powered by Mapzen

Nearby POIs

Joerg developed an awesome feature for search near POIs from OpenStreeMap. As example, you'll find Gas Stations around you.

Nearby POIs

New indications algoritm

All the code is from the scratch, learning from the older issues and problems. Now, the indications are (should be) perfect.


Map viewer by default

The app is not using the GPS by default, then it is not draining the battery, then you can use it as map viewer too with Mapbox tiles. If you set a route, the app will start to read the GPS for geolocation.

Map Viewer

Slide results, you can call the place, center the map in there, visit its web or add it to favorites!
Slide will have useful options

Review your route before start

Are you driving? Don't touch the screen, there is an autostart countdown.

Auto review route

Review the indications too

Joerg developed this useful feature too. Click on the indication icon inside the panel, you'll see all the steps ;)

Route review

More KISS that ever

Yeah :) uNav is more simple than ever. uNav wants to be one of the easiest GPS Navigation apps.

More KISS than ever

Driving improvements

  • Indications: On motorways, 1km before the turn. In city 100m before the turn.
  • Display the distance to next turn.
  • Display street names where to turn and exit numbers.
  • No more wrong Continues.
  • Remember your last position.

Useful and precise

UI improvements

  • Car on map bottom: This is equal to more map!
  • A nice panel.
  • Follow button in full screen mode.
  • Scale rule.
New layouts and UI


uNav is available in a lot of languages! |o/
Spanish, Slovak, Serbian, Portuguese, Italian, Hungarian, German, Galician, French, English, Dutch, Asturian, Finnish, Polish, Ukrainian, Breton, Russian, Danish & Norwegian Bokmal (Order from LP).

Thanks translators!!

And libre!

100% GPL and based 100% in libre projects.


How to Install/Update

Enjoy it! Where? Only in your Ubuntu Phone! Search "unav" from the Store :)
Please, leave a rating |o/

Find uNav in your Ubuntu Store


I want to thank you Joerg Berroth for his awesome improvements in the QML section; Sergi Quiles Peréz by his ideas and feedback; Ilonka Oettershagen, Mark van den Driesche and Nathan Haines for their voices too. And thanks to the Ubuntu Translators and betatesters who did the best uNav version! Cheers!

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