New uNav 0.35: Sharing Ubuntu everywhere

In this version, to share will be the star!

You're in a new bar and you want to share the position with your friends on Telegram or Google+...
Or you want to share your next awesome event with an easy link like this:,7.0074
or even you can create a QR code with that URL, like this:
I'm sure the 1st Ubucon Europe here will be an awesome event |o/

Sharing from uNav

Just open uNav, click on map, click on Share button and choose an app.

1st: Click on map and icon Share
2nd: Choose where

3th Done!

Reading that shared position

After you shared your position, How will anyone read that position?

    if (device === 'Ubuntu' && uNav === 'installed')

Then, if your friend is reading the link in an Ubuntu Phone with uNav installed, uNav will be opened with that position, ready to go :)

Opening a shared position on uNav

If not (your friend is reading the link in a PC, Android, Ubuntu Phone without uNav...), that position will be opened in the web browser (PC or phone) with a nice Ubuntu logo into the web page :)

Opening shared position on PC
Opening shared position on non Ubuntu Phone phone

Install or update uNav from the Ubuntu Store!

Enjoy your Ubuntu Phone |o/ Enjoy freedom! Cheers!

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