My Ubuntu Phone is my 'mini' PC for traveling

I usually don't code in my travels :P Then I don't need to carry my laptop.
But If I can, I like to write a journal in my blog. Upload a few pictures and share thoughts, mainly to myself.

The issue with a phone is that I have over ~450 ppm in a real keyboard and I really hate to write in the screen phone with only 1 finger.
Then I bought a bluetooth keyboard (7,7€) and mouse (7,9€). They arrived this week and I discovered a new Ubuntu Phone :O

Yes, I watched videos or pictures about the convergence in the web, but when I experimented it by myself on my BQ E4.5, all changed :O :O

Terminal maximized in the background, Twiter & Music are the foreground windows. The mouse cursor forcing show Unity launcher

From now, I'll traveling with the keyboard, mouse and the phone. Now my phone is my real portable and small PC :))


  1. Bloody hell, that's clever. :D
    I have a BT keyboard somewhere...

  2. did you realize that it 2016 now?