MWC - Day 0

I'm lucky, I'll go to the MWC of Barcelona thanks to an Ubuntu invitation.

This time in the MWC, Meizu and BQ will present an awesome devices and probably Ubuntu will show all of them in its stand.

What I know now is about a convergence tablet from BQ and the most powerfull Ubuntu phone from Meizu.
Both of them will present the devices this monday. That same afternoon, Catalan LoCo team will celebrate an Ubuntu Hour :)
And the thursday Mark will present a so interesting keynote.

I'll stay in the hostel with the insider Szymon and with Marius from
I'll share a few beers with the insider Riccardo and the Ubuntu-cat members Josep and Rafa |o/
Marius & Szymon
And in this travel I want to eat the Ubuntu dog food, then I will cover all my IT needs with my BQ E4.5, a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I'll write these posts, search a map, reply my emals, listen music... everything in these days with only an Ubuntu Phone.

Ladies and getlements... In this MWC, Ubuntu will make history! :))

A hug.

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