MWC - Day 1

And the MWC started! Thousand of persons around the Congress and a lot of halls and stands.
Finally, we (Marius, Szymon and me) found the Ubuntu stand in the Hall 3. So nice stand, I liked it a lot!! So Ubuntu :))

Ubuntu stand

I saw in there to Josep, a catalan insider how I met in London. So glad to see him again :))
And I saw Javier Pastor too, a Xataka writer. I didn't met him in person, then this was the perfect moment :P So nice to met him too.

And after take a fast look to the Ubuntu stand (did I say that I like it so much?? :)) we were going to the BQ stand.
BQ presented the Ubuntu tablet. Rodrigo from BQ and Richard from Ubuntu told us the data about the tablet, but they didn't make a showroom.
I liked a lot the Ricard quote: "Same smart device for different experiences" and "giving a real PC experience".

Indeed!!! :)) BQ stand

After the presentation I asked Rodrigo a few questions about the tablet.
The price could be 259,9 euros, it will be the FHD version, it will be send to any country in the world and it will not include a keyboard or dock by default (obviusly you can use your own keyboard or dock).

So expectation in the BQ stand for the Ubuntu tablet presentation

I returned to the Ubuntu stand. I saw Mark in person for first time in my live :) I spoke with Jane too, so nice as always.
And I played a lot with the new Ubuntu tablet. You have to remember that this tablet is not released yet and it will be probably released in the next month. Then, there is normal to see weird things like GIMP taking a lot of time to run, but it is taking so much time in my PC too :)
I have to say that I like the tablet a lot. So light tablet of 10", if you connect a mouse and keyboard you will have a nice PC experience. It has awesome features, like split the screen in 2 and then you will have 2 apps in the screen at the same time.
Like the phone, all works with gestures and the OS is the same as in the phone, but it has preinstalled X11 applications: Firefox, Libreoffice (complete suite), GIMP, XChat and Gedit. I didn't see in this version the new redesigned scopes.
I have to say that it worked so great. I created a document in Libreoffice Writer, and I can tell you than you can copy and paste, you can use the right button of the mouse, you can use the mouse wheel, yeah! the experience was like in a PC! I'm so impressed! And this is not in the market yet!
You can see 2 videos using the tablet here:

This day was the big day for Ubuntu, there are a lot of awesome things in the stand, then I'll tell you more about them in the next days :))

BQ stand

Ubuntu stand

Ubuntu tablet convergence

So so awesome :)

Side tablet

Ubuntu tablet

In the night, we went to the Catalan Ubuntu Hour. There I saw to Rafael Carreras again after met him so many years ago in Asturies. I met to Walter too, so involved man in the LoCo team and a Venezolan guy, Alexander. Marius and Szymon shared a so good time with all of them, with so many pizza and good beer. I hope to see you again guys!! |o/

Catalan LoCo team Ubuntu Hour :)

A hug.

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  1. I would like to see the performance of individual applications. Apparently it is a notebook that syncs with Evernote. I'm curious whether enables similar features as native Evernote.

    With the features I'm interested above all the ability to synchronize notes, select multiple notes to combine in a note to the table of contents, reminded, handwriting.

    If you would have the possibility to show or description of the experience, I would be grateful.