"Ubuntu Love"! [Phone + Apps = Freedom]

Yeah! (Probably) Ubuntu Phone will cover any of your needs :)

There aren't so many apps as in Android or iOS (Probably will not be ever so many apps), but damn it! The current apps are so awesome! And I like them a lot! As I like my phone!

Lovely panda!
Do you want a free (as in freedom) phone? Do you want a free (as in freedom) killer apps? Do you love Ubuntu? Then, Ubuntu Phone is your phone :)

Listen your podcast, read your emails, browse your files, release the beast, Go to infinity... and beyond (online) or maybe offline?, project your LibreOffice presentations, release a war, fall down, sleep as a geek, transfer your files, light them, use your favorite IM or your other favorite IM, know the weather with style, love the Panda as your Ubuntu Phone, control your XBMC or your VLC, uncrypt those QR codes, explore our universe or the real universe, check a level, attach your keyboard and create things, choose your browser, translate those weird words, listen a radio, take a look to your money, read your epubs, track your sports, read or pockit your webs, check your soccer team, are you OK?, send your voice messages, check the gas prices, remember don't crash, even check your QML, upload by FTP, digg your reader, use your ownCloud and a lot of more stuff :) Where? In your Ubuntu Phone!

I can't finish without to give a BIG thank you to each Ubuntu Phone developer!!! |o/ You're awesome!


  1. hola marcos, una pequeña pregunta, ¿se pueden ejecutar apps escritas en html5 en ubuntu phone?, de ser afirmativa la respuesta donde podría encontrar una guia.