Ubucon Paris 16.04. Day 2

Last day of the Ubucon Paris of release xenial!

Podcast in 3... 2... 1...
This time, we did an international podcast. Rudy, Quesh, Didier, Gonzalo and me from the Ubuntu Party and Marius, Ilonka, Alfred and even Simon from their homes.
We spoke about the Ubucons, tablet, news. So great experience!

It was a few hours, until the launch time. Then I ate with Gonzalo, Rudy, Winael, Didier and Yoboy.

After the lunch, I saw a Gemma's conference.

Gemma's talk

Nicolas and me were catching public inside the event from the hall of the building. And it worked so well.

Nicolas did a so great work!!

The Ubucon event was closed by Rudy, explaining thinks about the convergence, ubucon... etc.

Last conference
We finished in a restaurant, with no so much people as yesterday, but enough :) Dinner and a few drinks together.

Excited, this was a great event. The Ubuntu Paris is doing a so great work and this team is incredible.


Lovely Mozilla!





Future :)

Until the next!

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