How to print a document created with uWriter

Now you can print your documents created in uWriter from your PC.

0.18 Print documents!

Setup: Enable access to your documents from a PC in an easy way:

In you phone's Terminal run this command:
ln -s /home/phablet/.local/share/uwp.costales/ /home/phablet/Documents/uWriter

Command just to be ran in the Terminal
This will create a link between ~/Documents/uWriter and /home/phablet/.local/share/uwp.costales

You'll do this step just one time. Now is easy to navigate to the uWriter folder in your PC.

Print a document

Connect your phone or tablet to the PC via USB and navigate to the uWriter folder (~/Documents/uWriter):

Your documents are saved as *.html

Open one document with  your favourite web browser
You document opened (in this case Firefox)
Print it!
That's all :) Enjoy it!

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