A new hope for Ubuntu Phone: The community

Well, I have to say that Ubuntu Phone was dead for me after the Mark's announcement a few weeks ago. I even posted the end of uNav and I switched to Android.  But my post was a trigger for myself: because the community will not allow uNav to die so easily and of course, the Ubuntu Phone :) You opened my eyes mates!

Do you have an Ubuntu Phone/Tablet?

Please, follow these steps: https://open.uappexplorer.com/docs then, you'll have a new Store and your device will receive community updates after Canonical closes the current (~June 2017).

And a new uNav release

Yes, you'll find the new release of uNav 0.70 in the OpenStore :)) I fixed important API issues (uNav will only work with the OpenStore version after June 1).

uNav in openStore

enjoy your Ubuntu Phone (again) | enjoy uNav (again) | enjoy the freedom (always)

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