How config a wekan snap

If you install the snap version of Wekan, probably you'll need to setup it for your IP and port. Just follow these steps:
costales@ubuntu:~$ sudo snap set wekan-ondra root-url="http://<your_ip>:<your_port>"
costales@ubuntu:~$ sudo snap set wekan-ondra port="<your_port>"
costales@ubuntu:~$ sudo systemctl restart snap.wekan-ondra.wekan

If it's not working, probably you'll use the mongodb port for another app, then, change it too:

costales@ubuntu:~$ sudo snap set wekan-ondra mongodb-port=27019
costales@ubuntu:~$ sudo snap disable wekan-ondra && snap enable wekan-ondra

Now visit in the web browser http://<your_ip>:<your_port>

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