uNav powered by Mapzen! Raising from the darkness thanks to UBPorts!

Mapzen is moving to a paid API after June 1. This was a big issue to uNav, the map viewer and GPS navigator for Ubuntu Phone.
I had to migrate to the free OSRM router then, but its test server is down several times (it's not a production server) and it has only car navigation mode.

Never fall down! Don't back now!
But, the UBPorts community is surprising me every time! Because from now, UBPorts will support the Mapzen cost (with itself money thanks to their donations) and you'll continue to enjoy uNav with the Mapzen navigation: car, foot, bike and even public transport mode, never down and so good routes.

Raising from the darkness
I have not words to thank you the UBPorts! Its community, its interest, its so hard work, its vibrant motivation, its effort are being epic! Guys, you're incredible! Thanks!

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